Worship With Us @ Bethel "House of God"

Sunday School starts at 10am followed by worship at 11am.
Tuesday Night Believer Meetings start at 7pm.


Natures Upheavals in the End Time

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is surely coming soon! Prophecies are being fulfilled that are setting the stage for Jesus’ appearing. We must be ready! And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again… – John 14:3 Prophecy and promises at bethel “house of god” That is what Prophecy and Promises is here to do . . .  help you be ready and overcome in these trying times.  Bible prophecy should not be taught…

Watering the Seed

The world makes a lot of noise. Whether its God’s word or words from Satan, words are always going around in this world. Be moved by God’s word. What you focus on, what you spend time on, and what you believe for is what will come to past in your life.   tend to your garden When you plant a seed into your garden you must work in the garden to produce a harvest. If you just let the seed…

Positive & Negative Faith

     Are you tired of hearing the word but not seeing the promises manifest in your life?  In this series Pastor Brett teaches you how not only to hear the word, but apply its principles to your life so that you can walk in the abundant life Jesus Christ gave you. what is applying the word? Applying the word means to plant a seed! You can not harvest a crop (or abundance) without first sowing the seed (applying the…